Folding knife with long blade and wood handle.Unusual design is a crucial feature of this knife. It’s ready for the usage even being folded.
Legendary bowie knife takes its rise from the national Finnish knife puukko and is designed for heavy use in brutal survival situations.
Double-sided sharpening of the serrated blade makes this knife the most effective while cutting foliated and fibrous materials: nets, ropes, belts, lines, etc.
Self-defense pen for everyday carry and everyday confidence.
Fixed blade knife for camping, hunting, fishing and everyday carry. The kind of knife that makes you feel most like yourself.
Knife for your perfectly thought-out tactic.
Compact military style folding knife. Reliable companion and ideally thought-out detail for your self-confidence, and sense of security in any situation.
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Flipper Open Folding Knife
Hunting knife Model: FL19595
ID number 34565444
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